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You are invited to hear a life-changing talk the last weekend in March by Mark McCurties, a Christian Science practitioner. His topic is:

Making meaningful change: How God's love can change your life and the world

Mark McCurties will speak on this topic twice in Richmond. The first time will be at 3431 W. Cary Street, at the Christian Science Reading Room at 3 p.m. The second time, on the same topic, will be at 3 p.m., at 8791 River Road, at Second Church of Christ, Scientist.

In Mr. McCurties' own words:

Ever since I was a little boy, Iíve had a deep love for the Bible. When I read about men and women in the Bible overcoming hatred, famine, war, physical disease, and other hardships, their triumphs inspired me. It didnít matter what the odds were, or what conditions they faced, individuals in the Bible seemed to flourish in adversity based on one common theme, their deep love for God.

Growing up in a Christian Science household, there was another book I loved to read daily: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures written by Mary Baker Eddy. The very purpose of her book is to help unlock and reveal the deeper divine meaning and inspiration of the Bible. Together these two books point to the practical healing and saving power of God and its present availability for all mankind. I knew that someday I wanted to share that healing message with the world.

As I grew into adulthood, experiences in the field of education as a summer camp director, outdoor educator, athletics coach, and resident counselor, all helped to develop my understanding and practice of Christian Science. While working with young people, I had multiple opportunities to witness Godís healing power. These examples proved to me that the healing power of the Christ is just as alive and relevant today as for the men and women of the Bible. In 2010, with a desire to focus solely on healing through prayer, I went into the full-time public practice of Christian Science.

All are welcome. We look forward to seeing you!

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